What you need to know about the types of plastics used in motorcycles

motorcycle fairings plasticsPlastics are used extensively in the construction of motorcycles, both high end and regular ones. The majority of the plastic usages are found in the motorcycle’s fairing. Other than the fairing, usually the windshield and the mirrors are also made out of plastics. Plastics or polymers come in many varieties and many categories. But, the ones used in the making of motorcycles are commonly and collectively called “engineering plastics.”. Now, as a matter of fact, there are multiple utilities of these engineering plastics apart from being used in motorcycle constructions. However, in motorcycles, plastics are applied in making and constructing not only fairing and windshields but also in gears, engine pumps, etc. Sometimes, plastics are also used over the metallic wheel frame of the motorcycles. In this article, we will look into the various plastics or engineering polymers used in motorcycles.

What are engineering polymers/plastics?

Engineering plastics or polymers are highly specialized ones with a fair amount of thermal and mechanical effects and properties. These are usually very expensive and are produced in low volume just to cater to the industrial requirements. One of the highlights of engineering plastics is that they can be made in any shape and size and are an excellent replacement for woods and metals. The demand is increasing rapidly, as these plastics are known for properties like rigidity, heat resistance, chemical stability, etc.

Types of plastics used in motorcycles.

Among various types of engineering plastics, the two varieties that are mostly used in motorcycles are:

  1. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene commonly known as ABS. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer and is amorphous in nature which means that it does not have any true melting point. This is the feature that makes it eligible to be utilized in constructing various parts of motorcycles. Due to the nature of chemical bonding and other properties of the various components present in ABS, it comes out as a polymer with an affinity towards toughness and impact resistance. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS is mostly used in the making of the motorcycle fairing, gears, pumps, etc. Another reason why ABS is used on fairings is because its much cheaper than Carbon-Fiber or Fibreglass. For example: In the Pro-Racing scene such as the MotoGP, Marc Marquez’s repsol Fairings are made from Carbon-fiber. Check out this website for some honda cbr600rr fairing kits in the USA.
  2. Polycarbonate is the second variety of plastic or polymer that is widely and extensively used in motorcycles. Polycarbonates are also a variety of thermoplastic polymers, and they can be easily heated and molded into various shapes and sizes. Polycarbonate, by its chemical nature, displays certain properties like impact resistance, scratch resistance, and durability. These properties are the reason for which polycarbonate finds itself among the materials used in making the windshields and mirrors for motorcycles. Further, as polycarbonates are very hard in nature, they are also considered a prime material for making protective motorcycle helmets.

In short, these above-mentioned varieties of plastics are the ones mostly used in motorcycles.



How you can save time with a motorcycle GPS

motorcycle gps mountThe advancement of technology enables motorcycle owners to have a fast ride towards their destination. Nowadays, GPS or Global Positioning System is widely-recognized for its great potential in providing efficiency for riders. Considering a Motorcycle gps, a person will expect for a smooth and uninterrupted ride.

Riders might be curious about how a simple and small device like a motorcycle gps can serve various purposes. Despite of its size, a gps has great features which can result to a quick travel. Applications on the motorcycle tracker can display satellite images. These images are very helpful when the driver is looking for intersections which are not visible on the map. A person can also download aerial photos and maps which can be seen while offline.

Aside from saving time, you can save money for having a gps. There are no additional charges and subscription fees when using the said device. Having less time for reaching a destination will certainly save fuel as well. A person will not experience having insufficient gas because his destination will easily be located. When we consider the connection, you will find it very easy to acquire signal from the GPS. A person is not required to stay on a specific area just to absorb string signal for his GPS-enabled gadget. Desirable features such as voice settings, police receiver system, glare screens, audible assistance, and traffic alerts will help a person a lot. The driver can get instant information when he needs to know something on the road. He does not need to browse on the internet just to be updated.

Before the start of a ride, a person must enter his destination directly on his GPS tracker. The map destinations allow the driver to know his current location. He will definitely save time because there’s no need to stop and ask where a specific place is. Accuracy- having a motorcycle gps guarantees extreme accuracy when it comes to the data it provides. Consequently, a person will spend very minimal time when looking for a location. Versatility- when we talk about gps, availability is also a main consideration. GPS has the ability to operate whatever the weather condition is. As a better option, a person must choose a waterproof tracker in order to avoid a malfunctioning device when it’s raining.

There is also no limit with the place because a gps (link opens to www.garmin.com) can work anywhere, in complete 24 hours per day. Getting lost will not be a problem through the help of a motorcycle GPS. Even if someone plans to visit a friend from a distant and unfamiliar place, tracking the street names will be very precise. Specifically, even the house numbers can be detected by the device. With a motorcycle gps, you can see your friend without telling a story that you get lost on your way. Every route towards a specific destination will be full of comfort and accuracy. With the help of a motorcycle gps, there will be less recorded accidents because riders are sure of their directions.